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Translation of edu.kde.org

Again the website of the KDE Education Project is ahead. It was the first site that migrated to the new Chihuahua skin of kde.org. It is the only one which displays info pages for applications in the same way as the main site does – but improved with 2 levels of categories. And now it is the first page with Chihuahua Skin that can be translated.

I inserted a language selection selector into the so called tool-bar next to the breadcrumbs.

ed.kde.org in English vs. Greece

But after the change to different skins (first Chihuahua and now Derry) there were several issues to take care of:

  • translation of the new PlasmaMenu, especially the dynamically generated part of it (application list)
  • translation of the page title, wich is automatically inserted at the top of the page
  • translation of the json-files containing information all about the applications


The skin contains some neat images with text messages like “Back home?” or “Search”. I am not sure if it is worth to translate them, too. At least the greeting “Welcome to KDE Edu!”, which is an image, should probably be replaced by a real translatable text line.


I got really much help from

  • Albert (tsdgeos) who introduced me to the translation system used on the Okular site
  • Luca (einar77) with python scripting for the json-files
  • Tom (toma) with debugging all the i18n calls in the php-files during WebSprint2011

Thanks a lot for their work.

Translators are very welcome to help doing the real translation. French and Greece translators did a lot already.

Logo of the KDE Education Project


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